I am mostly finished with the texture on the kombi. I say mostly because I could tinker with this for years before I get it perfect but for now it will have to do.
This texture includes a diffuse, specular (color and level), opacity, reflectivity, and normal map.


I finished up adding in details with ndo2. I may go back in and add some rust normal information later though. Today I got some of the base texture colors laid down. I’m using a cubemap in 3ds Max but the scanline renderer doesn’t work very well for reflections so I’ll have to wait until the kombi is in UDK to really finish the chrome. I plan to add rust and a lot more details.


Baking completed

I’ve finally finished all of my UVs and got through the baking. I spent some time cleaning up some Normal issues but overall it wasn’t too bad. Things got a bit messy at first since the original high poly was never meant to be used for a bake.
I will now be using nDo2 to add some more normal map details like paneling.

baking done

I begin my 3DMR3 Challenge!

I’ve been tasked with showing my professors and department head that I am qualified to skip a class necessary for graduation.
The goal is to take a scene that I created in 3DMR2 and make it game-ready for 3DMR3. I will be creating low poly versions of the assets in my original 3ds Max scene and importing them in to UDK. I will need to create a level that a player can walk around in.


I’ve begun work by defining what exactly I will need to complete the project:


I am almost done with creating the low poly kombi. I still need a few details like tail lights:


UVs are all laid out except for the final pieces that I still need to create:


I also did a quick bake without separating any of my floaters or making cage adjustments. It turned out better than I expected for such a throwaway bake:


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